Illumination of the River Trail

Submitted by Gary D. Bostrom, Lansing Resident

My idea is to…

“…illuminate the underpasses where the river trail goes under downtown bridges, it could be romantic old fashion[ed] lamps, or even a colorful ‘light show’ type of lighting. Maybe something as simple as amber lights illuminating the structure of the bridge, or rows of simple lights outlining the bridge. Also line the Michigan Ave. bridge’s ridged surface with LED lights that could change color for different events. It would create a safe space, perhaps someplace one may want to stop for a moment to rest or get out of the weather or hot sun. The plaza next to the Lansing Center could be a great place for ‘push carts’ selling food, produce, souvenirs, arts and crafts. Green bulkheads on Michigan Ave. bridge w/ Michigan pines and birch trees.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“I think that the waterfront is empty around the Michigan Ave. bridge, this should be an active area and also offer easy access from the river to the street. Illuminating the bridges would open the river walk for evening use, reflect light off of the river, and light spaces that are now very dark. A push cart market could enliven an empty spot by the Lansing Center. The area around the Michigan Ave. bridge is very exposed to the weather, hot or cold. Green bulkheads on each side of the bridge would help to soften all the cement. Pleasant lighting along the downtown part of the river trail would be nice. Seasonal cafe/bars on floating bridges would be fun.”

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