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Live Comedy Club

Submitted by Jeffrey Kemm, Bath Resident

My idea is to…

“…bring live comedy back to Lansing! Lansing had a great live comedy venue when
Connxtions Comedy Club was operating on Old 27 in North Lansing, but it closed and no business has replaced it. I think a live comedy venue (like Connxtions) would do great in downtown Lansing. Ideally, the venue will have professional comedians every Friday and Saturday evening and perhaps a headliner every 3 to 6 months. The venue could also be used for open mic night, college night, or other special nights during other days of the week. The venue will be a great place to gather, laugh, and make memories.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“How can laughter not be good for Lansing? I think a live comedy venue would do great downtown. Downtown is a great location for entertainment venues because it is accessible from every direction, it has access to the Entertainment Express (and other CATA buses), there is a hotel nearby (Radisson), and downtown already has nighttime patrons at other businesses. A live comedy club would draw people downtown to see live comedy shows, and the people that come to the live comedy shows will likely stay and patronize other businesses downtown.”

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