Chalkboard Bridge on the River Trail

Submitted by Damon Voeller, Holt Resident

My idea is to…

“…create a bridge of sorts underneath the current bridge located between The Lansing Center and the state Capitol. It would lie close to the surface of the water and would be painted on the interior side walls with chalkboard paint. This would allow passers to sign their name and possibly create free artwork on their journey across. This area, as it is developing, would host thousands of pedestrians per year; state employees, LCC students, local residents in addition to guests of events in the area i.e. BWL Chili Cook-Off, Common Ground etc. Sponsors of the bridge would be thrilled to get their name on or around the bridge for the positive message it would promote.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“The planks of the bridge would be made to look like a piano alternating white and black boards. This idea would bring art and culture to an otherwise sterile environment. The bridge could have a circular sitting area towards the middle over the water where a passerby can relax, possibly on their lunch break and enjoy the serene sounds of the water passing by. This sitting area could also host local musicians to come hone their talents, or advertise live music in the summer months on weekend nights, acoustics under a bridge may make a unique sound. Local artistic sculptors could design musical instruments i.e. saxophones, guitars, drums etc. that jet out of the water on tiny platforms on either side of the bridge.”

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