streetscapes & landscaping

Grantmaking for Signs and Facades along Michigan Avenue

Submitted Anonymously by a Lansing Resident

My idea is to…

“…provide grants to business owners, building owners, residents and developers of every single building along Michigan Avenue from the Capitol to the 127 bridge (or along the whole target area if there’s money to do so) to provide exterior/facade improvements, landscaping and signage. Provide them with a consultant team that develops the signage and facade recommendations to ensure they’re of high aesthetic quality and in line with the City of Lansing Master Plan as well as the Shaping the Avenue form-based code being developed so the buildings are consistent with those in Frandor and East Lansing. Work to demolish blighted properties or restore them so they can actually be viable buildings for commercial development.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“The goal would be to basically transform the avenue by starting with its structures. Not only would it completely change the aesthetics of driving along the avenue, removing blighted structures and improving walkability by reducing fear, it would provide the opportunity to spur small business investment and starts in the newly remodeled spaces. The inconsistent, low-quality and ‘junky’ signage along the corridor is a blight in its own way. Removing the signs and following the new form-based code recommendations, while also working with expert consultants in urban design and development, would transform the air space and feel of the corridor. The improvements would also drive more business to the existing companies in the structures.”

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