Bike Sharing and Car Sharing

Submitted by Elisabeth Anderson, Lansing Resident

My idea is…

“…bike sharing (cogobikeshare.com) and car sharing (zipcar.com and car2go.com – smart cars) options available along Michigan Ave. This initiative could connect Michigan Ave. to Downtown Lansing, East Lansing, Reo Town, and Old Town. Car sharing would provide options for low income people or millennials who cannot afford to (or do not desire the resonsibility) own a car, but occasionally need the flexibility that bus routes do not provide. Bike rental programs would allow people to ride along the trails or utilize the bike lanes to get around the Lansing area. Check out sustainablecitiesinstitute.org for full benefits of these services.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“This initiative will drive people to the Lansing Area (pun intended) as well as provide
long-term economic benefits to local businesses. Getting people into the city is the only way to make our city thrive. Pretty walkways don’t matter if there are no people to spend money in the businesses. The fastest way to grow Lansing is to make transportation easy & eliminate the need to pay for parking! Our bus system is not robust enough to do this alone. Share programs will help get people (especially young people) into Lansing by making it appealing, affordable, & easy to spend a day exploring the city by bike or car. These are the types of experiences young people want in our community. I have seen it work in Columbus, OH, it can work here too!”

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