parks & outdoor structures

Free Food Forest

Submitted by Jen Hubinger, Lansing Resident

My idea is…

“…[to] create a Free Food Forest, perhaps near the River Trail.  It would be a multi-storied, self-sustaining forest/garden of native species that would thrive in Michigan climates.  It could have nut and fruit trees, berry bushes, vine fruits, herbs, ground cover plants like strawberries and potatoes, and more.  The forest could include open space for gathering and educational events.  Minimal maintenance bee hives ( could also be installed to provide pollination and teaching opportunities.  This has been done successfully in cities like Seattle and Kalamazoo and could be a great destination for Lansing.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“A Free Food Forest would not only help feed the community, but it would engage people with the source of their food and get them excited about participating in growing it.  Greater Lansing provides a unique opportunity for collaboration with multiple organizations including students and top horticulture/agriculture experts from Michigan State University.  Volunteers could help maintain the garden/forest, encouraging community members to interact with each other and the area organizations.  A Food Forest would also beautify Lansing further with flowering plants and trees.  People of all ages and from all over could gather there for recreation, food gathering, and events/programs.”

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