land & building development/rehabilitation

Repair Cafe

Submitted by Jen Hubinger, Lansing Resident

My idea is…

“…[to] create a Repair Cafe in one of the vacant buildings on Michigan Avenue.  It would be a community gathering space housing tools and technology for people to bring household items, clothing, electronic devices, and more for repair rather than simply throwing them out.  Volunteer experts would help teach people how to fix items through group classes and one-on-one help.  There could be a coffee shop/bakery to help fund it, and people could also just visit and watch repairs happen.  This could be done independently or with affiliation with the original Repair Cafes ( who provide toolkits and listings on their website for a small fee.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“A repair cafe would be a fun space to visit.  This is an idea that is gaining popularity around the world, and the closest repair cafes are in Chicago and Toronto.  Having one in Lansing would draw people from all over to utilize the service, and they’ll likely spend more time and money in the city.  It would also encourage community members to interact in a problem-solving capacity which could inspire ideas for and collaboration on future projects. ”

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2 thoughts on “Repair Cafe”

  1. I’ve been hoping one of these could come to Lansing, after reading articles about them across the country. I think they would be well-used and it’s a great place for people to volunteer.


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