Bike Lanes Along Michigan Avenue and Access to the River Trail

Submitted by Alessa Boes, Lansing Resident

My idea is…

“…better access to downtown for bicyclists. I would love to see bike lanes all along Michigan Avenue. I would also love to see easier access to the Lansing River Trail for bicyclists from Michigan Avenue (The stairs that currently exist to access the trail from Michigan Avenue are not conducive to bicycles). Finally, more bike racks along Michigan Avenue; especially near the Soup Spoon, and Strange Matter Coffee, and other areas where there are restaurants and bars that bicyclists could frequent. Even in the Stadium District, where there are actually some bike racks, there are not enough to accommodate a lot of cyclists.

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“Lansing already has a sizable biking community, and increasing access along the Michigan Corridor for bikers will bring more people to those areas, making our city more vibrant. If there was better infrastructure for bicyclists, more people would bike. Bicycle lanes will make it safer for bikers and less frustrating for motorists using the road. Easier access to and from the River Trail will make it more appealing for bikers to come to the Michigan Corridor area to hang out and spend money. Bike racks will also enable people to visit business for a meal or to shop, benefiting the economy  and the environment. Making Lansing a more bicycle-friendly community will encourage people to visit Lansing and entice people to live in the area.”

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