land & building development/rehabilitation

Community Arts Space

Submitted by Heather Surface, City of East Lansing

My idea is…

“…rehabilitation of historic, former Board of Water & Light (BWL) building to be used to enhance cultural arts, activities and community events in East Lansing. This building is currently being used for storage and the attached stage is used for outdoor movies and preschool age activities. The potential for creative space inside this building is limited only by the shape of the four walls. In order for inclusive, cultural activities to take place, the building must be ADA accessible. From there, the space in and around the building could be used as a community art gallery, or safe space for performance, or indoor community events during the event of a rain out, or many more, untapped opportunities!”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“This building is much loved. In the early 2000’s it was carefully moved from the location of a future development to where it sits today, in Valley Court Park. At that time, the stage was added to the outside. The history and memories that this old building contains reminds residents of the cultural importance of each generation and their unique contributions to this City. Rehabilitating this building will bring to light the beauty of what was, while reminding residents of the future that can be. The events and opportunities that are created with the rehabilitation of the BWL building will give the community the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the past while cherishing the moment they are experiencing.”

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