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Murals Along Michigan Avenue

Submitted by Andrew Netter, East Lansing Resident

My idea is…

“Throughout the Michigan Avenue Corridor area there are barren and boring swaths of space on the sides of buildings that are unengaging to people passing by. My idea is to re-imagine these bare walls as potential canvases for local artists from the Lansing community and universities. This idea would be a great opportunity to partner with the Greater Lansing Arts Council, the Lansing Community College Art Department, and the Michigan State University Department of Art, Art History, and Design to provide the opportunity and platform to showcase artists from the community.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“First and foremost, this would transform the barren walls into engaging works of art that will catch the eyes of all that pass by. These murals could be permanent, temporary, or both which will allow the opportunity for a wide variety of local artists to display their work. The Michigan Avenue Corridor would be instantly transformed into a community art gallery and an attractive, vibrant destination in the city of Lansing. Finally, this is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the artistic talent within the Lansing community.”

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