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Street Poetry

Submitted by Debbie Mikula, Arts Council of Greater Lansing

Our idea is…

“Stroll down the streets of the Michigan Ave. and look down where you’re walking, you might encounter a poem. Utilizing the talents of the new poet laureate for the City of Lansing, have an open competition for poetry that speaks about the richness and history of our greater Lansing region submitted from students, poetry club members, etc. and create a series (maybe 100) of short poems etched/engraved into wet concrete slabs on the sidewalks along Michigan Avenue. Each block could have a multitude of poetry all along the Michigan Avenue corridor enhancing the walkability of this area as city crews pour new sidewalks or replace broken or cracked sections. ”

Our idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“This collaborative project would allow many people to be involved in sharing their love of the city (Lansing and East Lansing) as it would be designed to be a permanent reminder of our community heritage. Each poet’s own personal contribution to the placemaking effort would be enhanced. It would create an interesting and artistic way for people to experience this corridor by sharing poems created specifically for the Avenue and creating a walkable experience.”

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