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Amphitheater on the River Trail

Submitted by Sheila Moore, Okemos Resident

My idea is…

“…an outdoor amphitheater located along the riverfront. The structure I envision should be designed as an overhead structure yet blend into the landform with ‘stepped seating.’ Lansing has a rich musical heritage with Elderly Instruments to the north of Michigan Avenue. Adado Park adjacent to LCC’s campus hosts many cultural and musical events. MSU has a world class music department and is located east of downtown.

It would be great to provide an outdoor area where music could be enjoyed by city residents, college students and professors. With more young people residing downtown, entertainment needs to be provided. An amphitheater could serve as an anchor; other community assets could be connected to it including Old Town. The structure could be lit at night and serve as a sculptural element and landmark.

This structure could also serve as a destination for pedestrians after an evening meal. Just a special seating area for talking is an important urban asset. The city’s skyline and lights along the riverfront would add to the ambiance. It would be great to locate a park for activities close by. A boat rental facility would also be nice to locate nearby.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“The Grand River flows through the city of Lansing yet many buildings do not face the natural resource. Cultural and recreational development could be concentrated around this asset. Providing a destination is important and linking them together is essential. The existing hiking and biking transportation system, Riverfront Trail, should be adjacent to the urban destination. It’s always wonderful to find surprises adjacent to a trail system. This music venue could serve as a community meeting place and celebrate our rich music heritage.”

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