parks & outdoor structures

Dog Service Stations

Submitted by Taylor Rupp, Lansing Resident

My idea is…

“I would like to see the Michigan Corridor add more dog service stations. It would include a simple waste disposal basket, with a dog sanitation station-style waste bag dispenser. The signage and post can be decorated with artwork. These would ideally be along the sidewalk near grassy areas. It not only is an attempt to create a walkable route along the entire Michigan Ave area, with students at MSU and residents of Lansing, but it would have convenient decorated waste disposal bins that would most likely be utilized by more than just dog walkers cleaning the street up.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“The waste disposal systems will help keep the streets more clear of waste materials and the grassy lawns, and private properties clearer of animal waste. These brightly colored pet care “sanitation stations” create an environment that welcomes dog walkers, and makes a pet-friendly avenue to walk the animals. Seeing more people on the streets with their animals creates a more positive atmosphere. Having them stationed along the entire road from Abbot to the Downtown area also encourages walkers to cross 127 and travel along the whole route, since it would designate the entire walkway as a single, congruent path.”

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