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Human Moment Historical Markers

Submitted by Taylor Rupp, Lansing Resident

My idea is…

“…using the idea of ‘Our Community,’ I suggest Human Moment Historical Markers. These tiny, significant moments in a life that happened somewhere along the avenue would get a small plaque. These little moments aren’t historical in the big sense of building Lansing, but are to the families that live here and the moments created in each spot, nook, and cranny of this city. Imagine walking past the corner of Michigan Ave, and Clemens to see a small plaque that said ‘Eloise Maive Lincoln, age 10 mos. took first steps right here 10-2-2016.’ Small moments touching a community member’s life would be highlighted in these markers on Michigan Ave. A call for submissions could go out to the city asking for a positive memory from somewhere along the avenue.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“This is a way of beautifying a simple street corner, or a crack in the sidewalk, by giving it a memory – a story all its own. The simple, elegant stories with deep personal impact would be chosen, spacing the memories along the entire corridor. The plaques/small decorative markers would be placed strategically so as to be visible when walking along the sidewalk. These markers can be designed by local artists, and made by community partners like Freidland Industries. It is the simple stories of someone getting engaged in front of Strange Matter Coffee, or seeing fireworks for the first time near Washington Ave during Silver Bells that makes this town a place Lansing natives love to call home. Those are the moments we all love to celebrate.”

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