land & building development/rehabilitation

Increased Grocery Store Access

Submitted by Andy Schor, State House Representative

My idea is…

“Lack of access to grocery stores in downtowns and commercial corridors across Michigan has been well documented. This is a concern for both current residents and potential residents who may be considering moving to Lansing. When I talk to Lansing residents I hear about the lack of convenient, close grocery stores. When we hear about the amenities that empty-nesters or young professionals are seeking in an urban living setting, access to grocery stores is high on the list.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“Access to fresh, healthy, affordable food at a convenient location does so much more than add to a checklist of amenities. When families have that access, it can increase the amount of healthy meals a family shares. It can contribute to better school outcomes as children go to school fueled by healthy meals that help them focus and succeed in a classroom. It can contribute to better health outcomes for our families by helping give people an option to eat healthier and reduce disease risk associated with poor diet, like diabetes and heart disease.”

1 thought on “Increased Grocery Store Access”

  1. As I was driving by the vacant building on Michigan Ave and Kipling, the sign asked, “what could this spot be?” I thought of a grocery store. Not a gourmet grocery, not a once-a-week farm market (although both of those options are really cool) but a place accessible for quick grocery shopping. We have Apple Market on saginaw, but another small shop like that to the south would be convienent, too.


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