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International Cantina

Submitted by Ismail Adawe, Lansing Resident

My idea is…

“My project is for Lansing to celebrate its diversity by providing a way for refugees, immigrants, international students or visitors to showcase the beauty in their culture, food and life. Imagine this: It is Saturday morning. It is the weekly/bi-weekly or monthly event in which the whole family can visit the International Cantina. The International Cantina is a farmer’s market type of food, culture and arts venue. Imagine eating Chinese, Somali and Burmese Cuisine at the same place. Children can experience henna designs, learn how to write their names in different languages and play games from far away. Folks who like to cook can attend cooking lessons from a unique country. You like music? Let’s go to the Afghani booth.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“I came to Lansing as a refugee, I did my undergraduate and graduate education and returned to Lansing because it is a special city. We have refugees from more than 40 countries in Lansing (data from STVCC). We have students from more than 100 countries at Michigan State University (data from MSU OISS). How great would it be to showcase the greatness of Lansing by showing how welcoming we are?
Cities across United States are adopting the title ‘Sanctuary City” to describe their welcoming attitude towards non-American residents. I’d like to think that Lansing residents are more action that words. So let us create a diverse, vibrant and attractive community by presenting the world to our small yet big-hearted city.”

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