parks & outdoor structures

Lansing Town Square

Submitted by Debbie Mikula, Arts Council of Greater Lansing

My idea is…

“At the heart of every community is a town square.  Michigan Avenue needs a Town Square and the empty lot by Marshall Street (north side of Michigan Ave.) would be a perfect location.  Picture farmer’s markets on Sundays, Food Truck Court during the weekdays, concerts during the summer (bring your own chair), Group yoga in the early evenings, and a place to gather for residents.  This would be a hardscape area suitable for open markets, music concerts, political rallies, and other events.  Picture a beautiful sculpture or fountain (water feature – like a spray park) at its center.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“Having a gathering place with public art at its center would make that empty lot on Michigan Avenue and Marshall a more attractive location. Placemaking is about activating space and renovating spaces that bring people together.  A well-designed Town Square will give residents and visitors a reason to enjoy this part of downtown with new streetscape.  It will beautify the area, improve walkability – all within walking distance of small shops and new development. The Town Square also provides a focal point to attract more shoppers, walkers, families with children and seniors.  Activating the space with arts and cultural activities brings life to the downtown and increases business for merchants.”

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