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Michigan-Centric Concert Series

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Submitted by Tia Harvey, M.I. Concerts

My idea is…

“M.I. Concerts is a contemporary chamber music series in Michigan with a mission to create and nourish new music in this state that are Michigan-centric from the composers and performers to the venues and inspiration.
Commissioning new works from local composers is an important objective of M.I. Concerts as each event has at least one newly commissioned work programmed. The energy right now reinvigorating Lansing is thrilling. Art galleries, artisan coffee and donut shops, and breweries are popping all over the area, but there has yet to be an equivalent move for music. M.I. Concerts serves to fill that gap through curated music events that are from the community, and for the community.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“M.I. Concerts is a project that can bring together so many community partners. Collaboration between musicians, composers, and the venues is really at the center of this project with the added effect of positioning Lansing as a place where artists can not just come to learn but stay to create. We have already had one event in Lansing at the Lansing Brewing Company on November 17, 2016. This event was a great success, with two commissioned pieces inspired by Michigan and written by true Michiganders. Events like this, locally inspired are what Lansing is all about. M.I. Concerts helps to bring music to the vibrant and active artistic community here in the region.”

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