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Summer Pop-Up Parties

Submitted by Karen Fielek, Okemos Resident

My idea is…

“During the warm summer months (mid-May through September), establish an after-work impromptu party every Thursday/Friday evening from 4-7pm. Offer a place where downtown workers can easily walk to for a quick get-together after work before they head to dinner or out of town for the weekend.

The location should be outdoors, perhaps at the corner of Michigan and Grand Avenues, in front of Cooley Stadium or at the small Riverfront park next to the Lansing Center. Vendor trucks would offer snacks, light meals and beer, wine and drinks at reasonable prices. Have upbeat but smooth music and encourage dancing. Entertainment could be provided to bring focus to the event like dance performances, comedy or live music.”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“People will think of Lansing as a place where spontaneous fun things happen, where the end of a work day signals the beginning of an enjoyable evening and weekend.”

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