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Welcome Banners Along Michigan Avenue

Submitted by Gary Novak, Lansing Resident

My idea is…

“…colorful banners mounted on flagpoles located on the traffic island just east of the welcome sign on Michigan Avenue. The banners would be long narrow banners  made of a “silk-like” lightweight, weather-resistant material that would allow them to dance with the slightest breeze. Colorful, maybe 12-16” wide x 14’ long mounted on 3 -20’+ flagpoles.  The ribbon-like banners would be visible from a great distance and they would pick up and illuminate with the sun. ”

My idea contributes to a vibrant community by…

“Ever-changing with the time of day, sunlight and the wind, they would be an exciting kinetic sculpture and a greeting to the people approaching and moving past them as they traveled along Michigan Avenue. There could be multiple sets of banners that could be changed out for different seasons.”

banner sample

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